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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Press Release

Ed Dellon is a co-author  of  “101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career”.  The   
book is specifically aimed at providing practical suggestions  and  solutions  
to  individuals  seeking strategies which will enable them to stand out and
gain advantage in today’s brutal job market.  The selected authors represent “  
a  cross section of  America’s leading experts  in job creation, executive  
recruiting, executive coaching ,resume positioning, use of social media tools
and other facets of  career change, advancement  and hiring.”

Ed Dellon is founder  and  CEO of Edward Dellon Associates Inc.   His  firm,
which has offices in the U.S.  and in China,  specializes in  the recruitment and
selection of senior level real estate development and construction executives  
on behalf of leading development and constructions firms around the world.  
He and his  firm  have  recruited and assembled  teams of individuals who
have created many of the world’s iconic structures  built over the past thirty-five

“101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career”  is published by  Self Improvement
Online Inc., the  premier online source of advice for career advancement.  The
book will be available in all major bookstores as well as online at Amazon.
com on December 16,2010.

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