Ed Dellon is President of Edward Dellon Associates, Inc. The company is headquartered  at
450 North Brand Blvd., in Glendale, California, and also has offices in New York City.

For thirty years, Ed and his associates have provided two related services to client
companies throughout the world who are primarily involved in either real estate development
or construction. They are best known for being one of the country’s most active executive
recruiting firms strictly specializing in real estate but are regularly involved in the introduction
of potential joint venture partners or ideas, as well as in the subsequent structuring and
negotiation of the realized ventures. Ed recently conceived and negotiated the acquisition of
AMEC's aviation business unit by Skanska, USA Building. He is currently working with a
group in Shanghai that controls three million square feet of development, and has
introduced a hotel, a theme restaurant and an entertainment retail group to the project, as
well as introduced and structured a development agreement with a U.S. Development group.
He is also currently working with the largest real estate company in Asia, and is introducing
various potential joint venture partners to a massive project they control in the Philippines;
these potential partners include world-class entertainment companies, theme park
developers, hotel groups and casinos. We are currently in discussions to structure a China-
based entity as a joint venture between the investment-holding arm of the Dubai government
and a major international developer for purposes of pan-Asian development.

However interesting this venture activity may be, our primary job and fundamental purpose is
real estate headhunting. Over these past three decades, the firm has completed search
engagements in virtually every product type of real estate, and for virtually every
conceivable executive position...in numerous locations around the globe. For example:

  • We have found the Managing Partner for a venture in Santiago, Chile between a U.S.
    Developer and one of the world’s largest financial services companies.

  • We found and negotiated the Managing Partnerships for the Chinese joint ventures of
    a major California-based full service real estate group,as well as for a large,New York-
    based international developer.

  • We have conducted Hospitality searches around the world,and are currently
    conducting a search for a U.S. based senior-level development executive for one of
    the world’s most respected luxury hotel groups.

  • We have conducted retail searches for development talent for every conceivable retail
    product…from massive regional malls to cutting edge town center projects.

  • Senior construction,development and owner’s representatives we have recruited have
    built many of the most iconic office towers in the world.

  • We have been…and are,intensely engaged on behalf of numerous residential
    developers and projects.

  • We have recruited well-known development talent for super luxury residential towers
    designed by marquee architects in Manhattan,but we are also upgrading the entire
    Development Group in various regions around the U.S. for one of the largest
    multifamily REITS on the NY stock exchange,as well as recruiting development and
    construction talent for various projects by the largest  public development company in
    the country.

  • Our experience in entertainment and sports-related real estate is unsurpassed.  We
    have recruited entire theme park development teams for Disney in France and
    California as well as for Universal Studios in Osaka,Japan.

  • We recruited much of the talent that developed and built Times Square and the New
    Amsterdam Theater for Disney in Manhattan.

  • We recruited the development and construction executives for the Angels new
    baseball stadium in Anaheim;for the American Airlines arena in Miami for the Miami
    Heat basketball team; and for development and construction executives for the new  
    Yankee Stadium in New York.

We are recognized and respected  at the highest levels of the real estate world.  Ed Dellon
has been a Member of the Urban Land Institute since 1983,and has participated in ULI
activities throughout the U.S. as well as around the globe. He is also a Member of ICSC
(International Council of Shopping Centers) as well as the International Association of
Amusement Parks and Attractions.