Our business is people!  When fulfilling an assignment, our first consideration is always to
match a unique person with a client’s unique needs.  This has been the key ingredient of our
success on behalf of our clients.  Our commitment is to recruit the best possible individual
for every assignment we undertake.  Our experience tells us that “there are no perfect
people.”  There are however, outstanding individuals with a variety of characteristics,
strengths and weaknesses, which come into play in every business situation.  Our
investment in committing time, energy and effort is designed to provide us with the soundest
foundation upon which to build an on-going relationship, whether it be the candidates for
whom we search or with the client.

Choosing the right people to fill a wide variety of management positions is one of the crucial
functions of the senior executive. Of all the influences that shape corporate fortunes, none is
more significant that the "people factor". But judgments about people are often the most
difficult to make. Assisting top management to choose wisely in this area is our business.
Our thoroughness and intuitive understanding of the real needs of companies have earned
us substantial client recognition around the globe. More than 80% of our assignments come
from clients for whom we have previously worked.

Usually, clients approach executive search consultants with a need defined in general terms.
Our initial step is to translate this requirement into a position description which clearly
defines specific functions and criteria.

But there is another, and equally important, dimension to consider- the corporate dimension.
In our company, we give this special attention. We take into account the organization's
market position, its management style, its working environment, and the personal
characteristics of the people with whom the new executive must relate. We recognize that
these factors will generally have more influence on a candidate's potential for success in a
new position than professional or technical expertise.

When we accept a search assignment, our objective is not just to fill the opening with a
qualified executive, but to fill it with the best one available. That means substantially more
than matching an appropriate background with a position description.

The strategy for each search is carefully formulated at the outset. It is based on the
structure of the particular industry segment involved and the visibility of the client both
corporately and with respect to the position to be filled. Both traditional and innovative
sources are tapped. We make full use of our internal research resources, as well as our
ability to draw on a virtually limitless pool of outside information and contacts. Most often, the
best candidates are not seeking new opportunities. Identifying and interesting such
individuals require the good judgment and specialized skills that characterize every member
of the company's staff.

In our company, management participates in every search. Search assignments are
conducted strictly on a retained and exclusive basis. Each client benefits from the cumulative
experience and expertise of a versatile staff operating with local, national and international
resources and support .

Our growth has been a product of our professional performance. We guarantee that
performance...a commitment that obliges all staff members to strive constantly to maintain
the highest standards in their daily efforts.

The discipline implicit in this operating philosophy dictates a precise and orderly approach to
the search process. We look carefully at candidates' accomplishments and how they were
achieved. We place these in the broader context of personal traits, attitudes, strengths, and
weaknesses. Measuring against pre-established criteria, we are able to make
recommendations that match not merely tasks with talents, but people with people. We do
this because we understand that in placing an executive in a new situation, compatibility, is
as important as competence. Our objective is always to fill our client's needs with the best
people available.

Our business ethics demand the maintenance of total confidentiality with regard to the
identity of, and information about, clients as well as candidates. We only undertake
assignments which we feel can be successfully concluded, and which we are able to pursue
without conflict of interest. Our independent ownership allows us freedom from outside
financial, professional, and business influences.